Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

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Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer                                                                                As the calendar page changes over to October, we begin seeing the explosion of pink around us signifying the importance of breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the United States but because of the increase of awareness, we are beginning to see that early detection and treatment are increasing survival rates from this disease. Many of us know a friend, sister, mother, aunt or grandmother that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease not only attacks the body, but the mind and spirit.

How can National Breast Cancer Awareness Month make a difference?                                                                                                                      We should be shouting from the highest mountain the facts about Breast Cancer to learn:
• How to reduce your risk
• How to diagnose breast cancer early
• How to deal with a diagnosis
What we cannot do is remain silent and allow this disease to win.

Age & Lifestyle Risks
As we get older we need to pay attention to changes in our body. Monthly exams should be mandatory and could save your life. Routine mammograms after the age of 40 the first one providing a clear base-line read for your doctor. We know our lifestyle can create good or bad effects on our body. Diet and exercise needs to remain a healthy balance, as we get older.

Signs & Symptoms
The most common first sign is finding a lump or mass while doing a self-breast exam or having a mammogram that comes back with concern. Some other possible symptoms of breast cancer include swelling of breast, skin irritation or a dimpling, pain, nipple retraction, redness, or discharge. If you are having any signs of these please seek medical attention. These symptoms could be from other issues but again, early detection is the key!

The Big C Word & Diagnosis
If you have been diagnosed the thing to remember is that it is your body and your treatment plan. You need to be ready to put your life in the hands of your doctor and your treatment. Just like with any medical decision, it is ok to shop around and find the perfect team to help you through treatment stages. Not only do you have to make choices on doctor but make sure to weigh the treatment benefits and risks of what is to come your way.

XOXO, Team Kalon