fun FAQ

1. What does Kalon mean?

Kalon is greek for inner & outer beauty.

2. How to pronounce Kalon?

This is a very common question besides how we decided on our boutique's name. Thanks to the amazing plastic surgeon, Dr. Weniger - he made it very simple by writing it out just like this.....Kay-lawn:)

3. Are we a franchise?

Not at all. We are 100% LOCAL with a big heart for the beautiful lowcountry & pretty lingerie!

4. How do we compare to Victoria's Secret, Soma, Adore Me, etc.?

We are better. Seriously! We take pride in the fact that we give one on one attention to each & every client who enters our boutique. Not to mention our product is nothing less than the very best.

5. What's a bra fitting like?

We begin every fitting with a casual conversation to get to know you & your boobs...your likes & dislikes. We will then get you situated in our fitting room where you remove only your top. We will then enter the fitting room and take two measurements. Once we have calculated your size we will begin bringing your different styles to determine the best fit bra. It's a fabulous & beautiful process that every woman deserves!

6. Do we wear all this stuff?

Yes, Yes, YES! Life is just TOO short to wear mediocre underwear! If you don't believe us, we will show you.   

7. Is the entire boutique on the website?

Daily we are receiving new inventory. At this time we select some of our favorite pieces to share with online shoppers. We hope in the near future to be able to share our entire boutique via